football party in the field

NFL is back!!!   the kids and I decided the farmers needed some football party grub in the field to kick things off…

so I dug out the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook and made some football food for the field

my daughter and I prepped for the seven layer dip the night before

the next day we adding the avocado to the pico de gallo and finished up the dips… thought they were super cute but most likely a bit of a challenge to eat in the field!

but oh so cute

this cookbook is not a diet cookbook… but I have done her superbowl party food three times now and have enjoyed it!

on to making the Dr Pepper cupcakes… it bothered me to no end that the allspice did not match my other spices…  really, really bothered me…

cupcakes made up of Dr Pepper, dried cherries, dates and spices… mmmm…

not sure who actually could drink a full Dr Pepper…  but it’s what the recipe called for so now I have extra that are going to go in the supper bags to the field!

it took more time than I had slotted to make these… you are warned…

let these babies completely cool down before you ice

and then let your kids decorate them to let all the farmers know who to cheer for!

Dr Pepper cupcakes!

potato skins… another time consuming treat…  here is a shot of before and after of roasting the potatoes… generally you would use russet potatoes but I used the red skinned potatoes from my garden and they worked just fine…

I brushed them with canola oil and sprinkled them with seasoning salt

I would advice listening to an audiobook while spooning them out… brush them with butter and return to oven to crisp up

grated cheddar cheese and pre-cooked bacon go in and again into the oven to melt the cheese…  last ingredients are sour cream and green onion

potato skins might be my favourite snack food… although I do have a few…

lastly…  BBQ sliders

I was in a hurry so I might not have followed the recipe exactly… for the sliders I used bison and ground beef…  added salt, lemon pepper and Worcestershire sauce…

for the sauce I cooked onions, canned jalapeños and bbq sauce

best part – they are super easy! throw the sliders on the bbq, place on a dinner roll and cover in sauce…

and there you have it… kickoff to football season in the field!!!


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