need any help?

the farmer got upset with his oldest son who is driving the grain cart for not helping combine drivers clean their headers out...  he was just telling him the other night how it is his job as a cart driver to get out and help them... so yesterday, my sixteen year old, trying to be... Continue Reading →

cougar sighting

recently I was able to go on a trip to Squamish, BC... my teenage boys referred to it as an 'old ladies hiking trip'...  I of course was picturing it in my mind more like an expedition to Everest and I packed accordingly I booked this trip way back in January when the farmer was... Continue Reading →

greener grass

I cheated…  I was in a rut, looking for something new, different and exciting… I was itching for change… after doing the same thing for so many years I told myself I needed to mix it up… find out what is out there… it happened this last summer…  the ‘grass’ around me was looking pretty... Continue Reading →

hanging up the apron

no one cares anymore...  these farmers?  nope... could care less about food... you know what they do care about?  me not getting in their way as they are driving out of a field... I get it... I see the way they toss the supper bags around like they are heaving sandbags preparing for a flood... Continue Reading →

farm boys ballin’

watching farm boys play basketball might be the best entertainment that is out there…  the only way I could describe it to the farmer was… ‘do you remember last Christmas when we went to that outdoor rink in Calgary and there were those 5 guys in their twenties there that had no idea how to... Continue Reading →

community over competition

if there is one thing I know how to do, it is to compete… I feel at home when I’m trying to win a board game, leg wrestle or run… I can turn basically any fun, social situation into a competition… I have turned friend vacations into ping-pong tournaments and bocci ball on the beach... Continue Reading →

beet cake – take 2

Mondays are supposed to be my alone days... they are supposed to be a day that I get the housework and laundry done in silence...  a day where I can ponder the events of the weekend and decide all the ways I should become a better person... everyone should get to be alone on Mondays...... Continue Reading →

July in Camrose

my google search this morning was ‘top things to do in Camrose, Alberta’…  the number one thing was ‘get in your car and drive away’… then immediately I googled ‘top things to do in Dodsland, Saskatchewan’…  there was only one option for fun in Dodsland and it was the museum…  which in my 17 years... Continue Reading →

caught with your pants down

  it all begins at a school playground... not a school my children attend but in another town... my sons play baseball in a town that is 1 1/2 hours away...  which seems nuts to some but when you live in the middle of no where it seems perfectly normal to drive 3 hours for... Continue Reading →

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