daddy’s girl

“This tug-of-war often obscures what's also happening between us. I am your mother, the first mile of your road. Me and all my obvious and hidden limitations. That means that in addition to possibly wrecking you, I have the chance to give to you what was given to me: a decent childhood, more good memories... Continue Reading →

how’s harvest going?

I seldom talk to the farmer during harvest... so when asked the question 'how is harvest going?', I tend to have a dumb expression on my face... it's not that I have no interest in the yields and breakdowns and which piece of land we are on... it is more the fact that I am... Continue Reading →

May long on the farm 

May long... for my neighbours in Saskatoon last night it means midnight fireworks on the golf course... for many farmer's wives it means taking your boy to spring hockey tournaments... for farmers it means seeding (the odd year we are done by May long but not lately... and the odd year there are combines out)...... Continue Reading →

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