outdoor skating rinks 

where it all began... on a frozen pond or lake... kids getting kicked out of the house because their parents were losing their minds in the winter... and it continues on in many homes in Canada around Christmas time the tradition of everyone skating and playing shinny together... this is the only time of year... Continue Reading →

for the love of chowder

the farmer's favourite food in the entire world is Chowder ...  on our trips to San Francisco and Boston I swear I did not know someone could consume so much milky soup goodness ... he even ordered it at a baseball game when we first met back in '98, he went on at length with... Continue Reading →

I could hibernate

Everything about the idea of hibernation seems wonderful to me.  The eating excessively to ready the body for the months of sleep where it will need to sustain itself off my fat reserve. The deep sleep for a few months when it is dark and cold outside.  The giving birth while asleep in my fat... Continue Reading →

chickpea chocolate chip cookies

 there was a time where I attempted to hide vegetable puree in every item of food I made...  it was a phase of my life brought on by the two cookbooks Jessica Seinfeld  had published where she hid spinach in brownies and cauliflower puree in just about everything... it was quite the process with the steaming... Continue Reading →

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