zucchini coconut cherry cookies

cookies have come a long way... they used to be some variation of flour, sugar, egg and butter... now you wouldn't dream of not adding a vegetable or chickpea to the cookies... makes you wonder why obesity is on the rise...   my guess is it has nothing to do with the cookies and more to... Continue Reading →

roasted tomato carrot soup

this morning a friend texted me and wanted me to go to Costco with her... I generally never turn down a trip to Costco but I am a tad bit under the weather today and cannot make it...  I took this picture last week when I was there at 9:47 am Thursday morning and the... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #12

if I've decided I'm going to fight with you on the phone... nothing you do or say will stop it... no amount of patience, reasoning, intelligence or common sense will quell my anger... over the past few weeks I have been blogging and posting pictures of either myself or my food... and my internet has been... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #11

combining canola... and needing buns for the kids lunches... so I made Tracey's cheese buns she has told me about... I did not tackle making them in the figure eight shape she does...  I am not that talented... but you should try it because I think it would taste better that way...   I love... Continue Reading →

google maps

this last weekend was Thanksgiving ... which we did not celebrate due to the fact that first of all we were not thankful, secondly we cancelled and lost money on a very much anticipated vacation to Austin, thirdly our family was in three different locations and fourthly one member broke his collarbone... so we have... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #10

I'm in Calgary watching Food Network with two of my children in a hotel room... while the farmer is combining canola... and we aren't in Austin... yes, Austin... if you have been anywhere near me lately you have heard me complain... and then I complained on Facebook today just to really make sure I didn't... Continue Reading →

meatless monday musings

I know it is Tuesday... so the title should be Taco Tuesday...  but it's not... we started doing Meatless Monday's about three years ago... the farmer was not happy... neither were any of my children... I told them the world is a better place if we all ate a little less meat... so here we... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #9

in the past fifty days or so we have only combined around seventeen of them... this means there has been more days not combining than combining which doesn't make for happy farmers... in fact my farmer  has lost weight just from the stress of not combining...  I told him fad diets like that never work... Continue Reading →

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