meal to the field #8

my farm is nestled between two towns, one with a population hovering around 200 and the other at around 300... the smaller town has the store and school... the larger town has the bank, rink and doctor's clinic... neither have a paved street but both have a post office and a bar... if you come... Continue Reading →

let me brag

bragging about your children guidelines... #1 - please only post on your Facebook status when your child has won a game... never post when they lose...  this will let everyone following you on Facebook come to the logical conclusion that your child is a winner... even if they were just at the game that your child... Continue Reading →

yellow squash banana bread 

ahhhhh the weekend... I'd suggest having a nice bath with some Epsom salts, listening to Enya and reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington ... oh and make this loaf using up either your squash or zucchini that has taken over your kitchen...       


getting your hair done is odd... looking at yourself in a mirror for the better part of four hours can almost be seen as a form of torture... so I just stare at my hairdresser instead... and as she tends to my mane, I grace her with my witty stories, stemming back to my childhood but... Continue Reading →

leisure suits and selfies

I wore a leisure suit to the rink on Saturday... it maybe was a bad decision... it might have embarrassed my kids... looking back the boys told me that they thought it was crazy I was going to the rink in a leisure suit I purchased at Costco but we were running late so they... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #7

thanksgiving 2004 I made potato salad and 5 people got food poisoning...  since then my oldest son cannot eat mayonnaise...  he literally eats everything else imaginable - just not mayonnaise...  it did not affect my farmer husband the same way...  this was not his first time contracting food poisoning from potato salad and I'm going... Continue Reading →

coffee break pie crust

my grandparents owned and ran a restaurant in Three Hills, Alberta called 'The Coffee Break'...  most of my memories come from when I was in elementary school and I'd go there after school and hang out... the best memories were watching my Grandma Reed make pie... she was so great at making a big pie... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #6

 I feel undesired... not by the farmer... I feel sufficiently desired by him...  just realizing that I'm at an age where the older men that used to creepily check me out no longer do... I'm too old now to make it fun for the creepers...  and I'm not quite old enough to be a Cougar... Continue Reading →

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