I’m the farmer’s Cato

the farmer has the kids out hunting this morning and I am researching and dreaming up vegetarian meals for the week... I feel like our relationship is a constant plot against one another to me, fall time is a celebration of vegetables... the farmer is ruled by a primal need to stock the freezer with... Continue Reading →

hanging up the apron

no one cares anymore...  these farmers?  nope... could care less about food... you know what they do care about?  me not getting in their way as they are driving out of a field... I get it... I see the way they toss the supper bags around like they are heaving sandbags preparing for a flood... Continue Reading →

beaver flat 50k

have you ever watched so many YouTube videos that you convince yourself you are capable of doing something?  only to discover it was substantially easier to watch YouTube videos than actually go out and do it? the first hint that I should not have been attempting a 50 km trail run that involved 8000 feet... Continue Reading →

football party in the field

NFL is back!!!   the kids and I decided the farmers needed some football party grub in the field to kick things off... so I dug out the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook and made some football food for the field my daughter and I prepped for the seven layer dip the night before the next day... Continue Reading →

happy harvest dad

the farmer has someone who truly loves him...  actually loves him...  it's his nine year old daughter...  she truly, honestly loves him... she misses him, asks about him and wants to make him popcorn and decorate a bag for him so he feels better while he is farming... watching her love him helps me understand... Continue Reading →

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