I bought a curling broom 10 years ago... I used it once and apparently did not impress enough to warrant a second use of the broom...  but the nice thing was my children could use it once a year at their annual Valentines Day Curling Bonspiel... I thought this was the final curling bonspiel I... Continue Reading →

thank you Facebook memories

"if it matters to you... my babe it matters to me... I'll go where you're going... I'll keep on holding... I'm going to give you my all...  I'm going to give you my all" the older I get the more sentimental I become...  and Facebook apparently knows how to play me...  like a fiddle...  or... Continue Reading →

chickpea protein bites

two things get me out of bed in the morning...  well, other than the need to pee, my phone alarm beeping, the farmer getting a little too 'handsy', the need for 4 glasses of water, children to feed and pack lunches for and two dogs to kick out of the porch... but there are two... Continue Reading →

farm boys ballin’

watching farm boys play basketball might be the best entertainment that is out there…  the only way I could describe it to the farmer was… ‘do you remember last Christmas when we went to that outdoor rink in Calgary and there were those 5 guys in their twenties there that had no idea how to... Continue Reading →

rink booth etiquette

  I’m doing a lot of things that I am not qualified to do… or good at… or have any background in…  or being paid to do… since wedding the farmer some 16 years ago I have been on a learning curve of small town life and attempting to do things I have no training... Continue Reading →

let me brag

bragging about your children guidelines... #1 - please only post on your Facebook status when your child has won a game... never post when they lose...  this will let everyone following you on Facebook come to the logical conclusion that your child is a winner... even if they were just at the game that your child... Continue Reading →

farmer’s like football

these are my pride and joy... the first one is a 13 year old that can't remember a single thing...  I was warned this happens to your boy when they turn 13 and then they never recover fully from losing half their brain...  poor guy still doesn't realize that he got hit with the 'stupid... Continue Reading →

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