turkey oatmeal meatloaf

  looking for a healthy option this Thanksgiving? living in Canada but wanting to celebrate American thanksgiving and realized you didn't buy a turkey? wanting to disappoint your family and see if they can still find something to be thankful for? then turkey oatmeal meatloaf is the dinner option for you! truth be known... it's tasty...... Continue Reading →

dad does dallas

my dad … started as an engineer… then became a teacher for the money… then was a chef at my grandparents restaurant… then back to teaching…  and is now retiring at the age of 65… he is so dear to me I have trouble putting into words how much I love him and respect him…... Continue Reading →

oprah is moving

Oprah recently told Ellen she is moving… they are neighbours in Santa Barbara… and after some friendly banter over Oprah not giving Ellen produce from her garden… to which Oprah responded that Ellen does not cook… the big move was brought up… I don’t know if I am alone in finding the conversations of extremely... Continue Reading →

city of dreams

Friday night Paris was attacked... a city that many love as much as I love New York... it was shocking... and yet I wonder why I still am shocked when these things happen...  as it is happening in other cities all the time and the news is filled with these stories constantly...  it does bring a... Continue Reading →

pumpkin seed muffins 

these muffins are moist and delish...  I took the photo with a pumpkin I had but opted to use canned pumpkin puree for the recipe... partly because I am lazy and partly because it tastes better in my opinion in baking...  if you are going to use up a pumpkin before it rots, I'd suggest... Continue Reading →

you have to know someone

one of the reasons we went to New York in the fall was to wander around Central Park and see the trees in their Autumn colours...  we found watching the 'ice skating' to be humorous...  one man fancied himself quite the skater and was just ripping around at dangerous speeds and 'snowing' strangers that were... Continue Reading →

how to walk 8 miles and gain weight 

the farmer works out about four days a week, four months out of the year... with the exception of holidays, hunting days, hockey road trips and football Sundays... so he gets in a good 17 workouts total a year...  I attempt pilates in the wrong clothing choices and I run with my dogs... and by 'with' I mean... Continue Reading →

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