listening to teacher

new shoes... birthday shoes... these beauties might only ever see my treadmill... I'm not fast enough or pretty enough to be wearing them but here we are... what inspired you, Catherine, to make such a healthy meal and run in your fast shoes and shave your legs? was it the super sexy farmer you've been... Continue Reading →

September Overload

when my ten year old daughter comes home from school and asks me if I think she needs "those kneepad things for my ankles", I begin to wonder if she should have signed up to play volleyball after all... ahhhh... school is back in session... and with it every mom is completely overwhelmed...  we were... Continue Reading →

zucchini 8 ways

I have for you 8 zucchini recipes... yes 8...   this time of year is all about zucchini cakes, muffins, loaves and cookies...  oh there are healthier ways to eat zucchini...  chop it up and grill it or fry it... spiralize it (although these zucchini tend to get a bit large)...  but with harvest in... Continue Reading →

greener grass

I cheated…  I was in a rut, looking for something new, different and exciting… I was itching for change… after doing the same thing for so many years I told myself I needed to mix it up… find out what is out there… it happened this last summer…  the ‘grass’ around me was looking pretty... Continue Reading →

breakfast is a party 

the farmer has been coaching high school football for officially 15 years now...  he was recalling last night the first play book he wrote up...  it was early August, I was pregnant and driving home from a visit to my brother in Lethbridge... he took a pen out and started dreaming up offensive schemes...  he... Continue Reading →

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