seeding meal #2 

  lesson learned...  when you see something on Pintrest or Facebook that looks amazing but doesn't come with a detailed recipe... keep looking... unless you enjoy wasting your time... the salad was fine...  basically just added what I had in the fridge to make a carrot salad and the reviews from the 12 and 14... Continue Reading →

seeding meal #1

I listen to a lot of podcasts...  it used to be audiobooks and then I'd tell people I read the book...  but now I've moved on to podcasts...  and let me tell you, it is taking an afternoon in the kitchen to a whole new level... at times it is a level of missed ingredients,... Continue Reading →

zesty chicken salad

 when I leave the farmer alone for the weekend I generally try to have something in the fridge for him to eat...  now don't get all feminist on me...  when he leaves me alone for a weekend he makes sure the water in the cistern is full, that the oil in my vehicle is changed... Continue Reading →

I need Vaseline

 'success is never so interesting as struggle' - Willa Cather Boston Marathon today... tiny bit discouraging realizing that the men's winner ran a full marathon in the time I'm hoping to run a half... but watching and reading some of the stories going on surrounding the marathon inspired me as I headed out for my... Continue Reading →

coulee camping 

'things I knew when I was young... some were true and some were wrong... one day I pray I'll be more than my father's son'  (the Lumineers) why do we  think some things are so important for our children to do?  and it gives us such joy to see when they actually 'get it' and... Continue Reading →

have a day

 marathon training is no joke...  not that I've heard many people try to joke about it... but if they did try, I'd stop them in their tracks and tell them it is no joking matter... I was on death's doorstep sick a few weeks ago and then went to Mexico with the farmer, which I... Continue Reading →

i thought it was a secret, Victoria

I got felt up at security in an airport…  after choosing to not get felt up… I’ve had a lot of different experiences in airports… this was a first…  and everything about it seemed as though I was wanting it to happen… my general attire, since college, has consisted of jogging pants or lululemon pants,... Continue Reading →

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