how’s harvest going?

I seldom talk to the farmer during harvest... so when asked the question 'how is harvest going?', I tend to have a dumb expression on my face... it's not that I have no interest in the yields and breakdowns and which piece of land we are on... it is more the fact that I am... Continue Reading →

I’m the farmer’s Cato

the farmer has the kids out hunting this morning and I am researching and dreaming up vegetarian meals for the week... I feel like our relationship is a constant plot against one another to me, fall time is a celebration of vegetables... the farmer is ruled by a primal need to stock the freezer with... Continue Reading →

check you for ticks 

I felt something crawling down the side of my forehead… I lifted my hand up and grabbed it…  took one look and placed it in the sink and crushed it with the backside of a spoon that was in there… I had a silent scream inside me but was in the middle of making a... Continue Reading →

burritos to the field

May is a big month... aside from the small thing called 'seeding' going on, there is spring hockey and baseball to get the kids to...  there is a yard to take care of and a garden to plant...  my birthday and Mother's Day all in the same busy month for the poor farmer to deal... Continue Reading →

who will cook? 

who will cook?  not me...  is generally the answer most would gravitate to... it was my 38th birthday yesterday and I'm not exactly sure what age it hit me at that I would cook... and enjoy cooking...  but it didn't begin that way... when I first met the farmer at college, I was 19 and had... Continue Reading →

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