green juice

my sister-in-law told me about this green juice she has been making to give herself a boost of energy…

now, when people say boost of energy I never really can relate… I’m not good at self-evaluating food and it’s affect on my body…

some people can seem to smell sugar or gluten and have an adverse reaction… I was the type that in college I would have a warm CocaCola before heading to a morning basketball practice..

to this day I can drink coffee at a rink in the evening and have no trouble falling asleep…

none-the-less, even though I’m not in tune with my eating/feeling side, I do try to use the healthiest ingredients I can in my cooking because I figure on some level it must be affecting me…

I had to get a shot of it in my Vitamix…  two things about making this in the morning…

nice shot of green energy for your kids and the Vitamix will wake everyone in the house up…  because it sounds like a helicopter is landing on your roof…

oh… and that is the new Starbucks mug the farmer bought me last week…  in case you need to take the green juice to-go… in my case, nope, just in my pyjamas watching everyone else leave my house and getting to enjoy the quite jobs of cleaning, laundry and baking…  with a jolt of spinach energy!

green juice


1 large handful spinach

1 mango, chopped

1 cup coconut water

1 cup chopped cucumber

1/4 jalapeno, seeds removed and chopped

1 small handful of cilantro

2 sprigs mint

1 lime, juiced


  • combine all ingredients in a Vitamix or other blender and blend until smooth
  • frozen mango works if that is all you have
  • if you want a cooler drink, freeze coconut water in ice cube trays and use that


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