roasted butternut squash soup and curry condiments

I was grocery shopping tonight…  making use of my time while my sons were at hockey practices… and realized every fall season you always walk past a big display of squashes…  and it makes you happy… and it makes you wish that grocery stores would have little signs with a link you could go to online to find a recipe on what to do with the squash once you get it home… other than decorate your house with it…

luckily… I have just about every cookbook that Ina Garten has written and she is my link… page 70-71 of ‘back to basics’ will tell you exactly what to do with a butternut squash… and I can guarantee every recipe in her book you can cook… and tastes good…

this particular Ina Garten recipe is called ‘roasted butternut squash soup and curry condiments’…  and it is perfect and the best thing to eat when it is damp and cold and the sun has not shone in six days…

it is simple and can easily be made in a jiffy… if a jiffy is all the amount of time that you have to make soup…

oh… and her soup looks prettier than mine… just go to her website and check it out… she is my hero…

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