farmer’s like football

these are my pride and joy… the first one is a 13 year old that can’t remember a single thing…  I was warned this happens to your boy when they turn 13 and then they never recover fully from losing half their brain…  poor guy still doesn’t realize that he got hit with the ‘stupid stamp’ because he answers every question and will argue every issue with you and tell you where to turn when you are driving… all the while being wrong and senseless all at once…

the other one with the curly hair is nicknamed ‘meat’…  and lives in his own little imaginary world…  where he is the star of everything and he re-enacts this out on our lawn or in the living room alone for hours… whether it is football, baseball or hockey he will spend a few hours a day caught up in the drama of his making… and no one else is invited to join…


they have a sister… poor thing with these to ‘blazing the trail’ ahead of her doesn’t really have a firm grasp on reality…  maybe that’s good? 

I met the farmer I married when we were at Bible College…  I was basically ‘coerced’ into going there and the farmer was on the hunt for a wife I’ve come to realize…  but the glue that brought us together was our love for football…  I was a Green Bay Packer’s fan (Brett Favre era) and he was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan…  and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the day our boys would play on the same football team… that time is finally here…  the oldest is in his last year of Junior Football and the youngest is a rookie to it…  and it is everything we thought it would be…  this was a picture of the first night they got their equipment… when we got home from practice they went out to the yard and tackled each other for around 45 minutes…  it makes me understand men more raising two boys… the simplicity of them… the desire to dig holes in dirt, hit something, conquer land or people, see who is the strongest… and the bond men have with each other…  because they don’t want to feel silly in their pursuits of nonsense so they band together to encourage each other to out-do the other’s stupidity…  it is adorable/sad to watch… but it is what it is… and I love football so my son’s can be encouraged in the hitting, grunting and tackling that they so desire to do…

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