seeding… finally!

here we go!  after a freezing cold April with so much snow, we are finally getting going around here...  well, the farmers have been going for a few days but I finally got the 'nod' to bring suppers out... as it so happened, my run took me by the cemetery this morning and I stopped... Continue Reading →

‘teddy bear’ sandwiches

I'm not sure the extent of it... but I feel like there might be a significant amount of lying going on...  by the farmer...  and it's spiralled into  something he sees no way out of... for the meal to the field tonight I made coleslaw, honeydew melon and strawberries, steak sandwiches with onions, provolone and... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #4

 we combined red lentils the night I took this supper out...  saskatchewan is a huge producer of red lentils and a side note is my daughter loves to eat them in the combine... in fact when she is out there riding with her dad she drinks a pepsi and eats lentils... I figure once less... Continue Reading →

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