2019 harvest begins

for farmers... August is not summer...  August is harvest or waiting for harvest (the latter option being worse on the farmer's family) ... so we are very thrilled to begin our harvest this year...  seeding went well and then no rain in the spring made us question whether harvest 2019 would be necessary... harvest is... Continue Reading →

zucchini 8 ways

I have for you 8 zucchini recipes... yes 8...   this time of year is all about zucchini cakes, muffins, loaves and cookies...  oh there are healthier ways to eat zucchini...  chop it up and grill it or fry it... spiralize it (although these zucchini tend to get a bit large)...  but with harvest in... Continue Reading →

greener grass

I cheated…  I was in a rut, looking for something new, different and exciting… I was itching for change… after doing the same thing for so many years I told myself I needed to mix it up… find out what is out there… it happened this last summer…  the ‘grass’ around me was looking pretty... Continue Reading →

the kitchen island

the kitchen island…  breakfast, after school snack, homework and supper all revolve around it and it has been privy to many a good discussion… the latest involved some deep insights from a 15 year old teenage boy…  he was telling his mother how he saw her… and it was hard for the kitchen island to... Continue Reading →

‘teddy bear’ sandwiches

I'm not sure the extent of it... but I feel like there might be a significant amount of lying going on...  by the farmer...  and it's spiralled into  something he sees no way out of... for the meal to the field tonight I made coleslaw, honeydew melon and strawberries, steak sandwiches with onions, provolone and... Continue Reading →

zucchini three ways

  I warned you that all I can think of lately is how to cook with zucchini...  while others are pondering the Hip's last concert, the end to the Olympics or perhaps the Blue Jays attempts to win the division...  I am solely focused on zucchini... in fact, I'm already planning the zucchini coconut chocolate... Continue Reading →

zucchini coconut cherry cookies

cookies have come a long way... they used to be some variation of flour, sugar, egg and butter... now you wouldn't dream of not adding a vegetable or chickpea to the cookies... makes you wonder why obesity is on the rise...   my guess is it has nothing to do with the cookies and more to... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #9

in the past fifty days or so we have only combined around seventeen of them... this means there has been more days not combining than combining which doesn't make for happy farmers... in fact my farmer  has lost weight just from the stress of not combining...  I told him fad diets like that never work... Continue Reading →

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