meatloaf & potatoes

"modern love is the enterprise that everyone wants to be a part of, yet there's a fifty percent divorce rate in round one and a sixty-five percent divorce rate in round two." (Esther Perel) I was sick of listening to my normal podcasts that deal with running and vulnerability...  so I ventured out of my... Continue Reading →

filling the freezer

the calm before the storm... the week before harvest is in full swing and farm wives everywhere are trying to sober up from the summer (you know who you are) and begin filling their freezers with meals and baking for the coming harvest... a few friends of mine use this "The Big Cook 2" cookbook... Continue Reading →

turkey oatmeal meatloaf

  looking for a healthy option this Thanksgiving? living in Canada but wanting to celebrate American thanksgiving and realized you didn't buy a turkey? wanting to disappoint your family and see if they can still find something to be thankful for? then turkey oatmeal meatloaf is the dinner option for you! truth be known... it's tasty...... Continue Reading →

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