how’s harvest going?

I seldom talk to the farmer during harvest... so when asked the question 'how is harvest going?', I tend to have a dumb expression on my face... it's not that I have no interest in the yields and breakdowns and which piece of land we are on... it is more the fact that I am... Continue Reading →

need any help?

the farmer got upset with his oldest son who is driving the grain cart for not helping combine drivers clean their headers out...  he was just telling him the other night how it is his job as a cart driver to get out and help them... so yesterday, my sixteen year old, trying to be... Continue Reading →

Grandma Swan Week

the best cook I have ever met has to be the farmer's Grandma Swan... she created two cookbooks and handed them down to all of her children and grandchildren... I even have copies to give my children someday... so I decided this week to only use her recipes in my meals to the field and... Continue Reading →

mom is worried

every harvest seems to bring with it a different challenge... this year it is having enough men to get the crop off... my oldest son is working full time for the first time this year... he is 16 and for sure big enough, but I am worried every day now... the farmer remarked to me... Continue Reading →

how do you lasagna?

I make lasagna about six times a year I would guess... I am 39 years old...  I only have been cooking since the farmer tricked me into it at the young age of 20... so by that math, I have made 114 lasagnas... it most likely is closer to 100 as I know I have... Continue Reading →

…as Apple Pie

my grandma made pie making look easy... her and my grandpa ran a restaurant in Three Hills, Alberta that was called 'The Coffee Break'... I was still in Elementary school when they had it so my memories of it are a bit foggy, but the pies I witnessed her make have always stayed in my... Continue Reading →

stroganoff for the win

the kids love seeding and harvest time because they know they will be getting desserts...  and I love making desserts... this is carrot cake in cupcake form... in my mind easier for the farmers to handle the key to cupcakes is to use an ice cream scoop and it is quick and easy this is... Continue Reading →

Instant Pot Hamburger Helper

it's Wednesday...  I've made a 1 1/2 hour (roundtrip) to Kindersley once, cleaned the house (sort of), made the muffins for the booth at the school and am making my second trip to Kindersley to pick up uniforms for my son's Junior Basketball team... I need to get these jerseys to him, then get something... Continue Reading →

football party in the field

NFL is back!!!   the kids and I decided the farmers needed some football party grub in the field to kick things off... so I dug out the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook and made some football food for the field my daughter and I prepped for the seven layer dip the night before the next day... Continue Reading →

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