coconut milk cauliflower soup

here in Canada there are winter months where cauliflower is so expensive you have to omit other groceries from your shopping list... just to get this item you need for your countless recipes that contain cauliflower... this tasteless vegetable with very little nutritional value is basically in every recipe you see...  and it is pricey!... Continue Reading →

outdoor skating rinks 

where it all began... on a frozen pond or lake... kids getting kicked out of the house because their parents were losing their minds in the winter... and it continues on in many homes in Canada around Christmas time the tradition of everyone skating and playing shinny together... this is the only time of year... Continue Reading →

for the love of chowder

the farmer's favourite food in the entire world is Chowder ...  on our trips to San Francisco and Boston I swear I did not know someone could consume so much milky soup goodness ... he even ordered it at a baseball game when we first met back in '98, he went on at length with... Continue Reading →

oprah is moving

Oprah recently told Ellen she is moving… they are neighbours in Santa Barbara… and after some friendly banter over Oprah not giving Ellen produce from her garden… to which Oprah responded that Ellen does not cook… the big move was brought up… I don’t know if I am alone in finding the conversations of extremely... Continue Reading →

roasted tomato carrot soup

this morning a friend texted me and wanted me to go to Costco with her... I generally never turn down a trip to Costco but I am a tad bit under the weather today and cannot make it...  I took this picture last week when I was there at 9:47 am Thursday morning and the... Continue Reading →

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