greener grass

I cheated…  I was in a rut, looking for something new, different and exciting… I was itching for change… after doing the same thing for so many years I told myself I needed to mix it up… find out what is out there… it happened this last summer…  the ‘grass’ around me was looking pretty... Continue Reading →

love signals

  I’m currently watching season 20 of the Bachelor… didn’t say I was proud of myself… or that it’s been a good use of my time… Ben, the Bachelor, had to hand out a first impression rose on the first night… it went to a woman named Olivia… now that we are on to episode... Continue Reading →

pumpkin seed muffins 

these muffins are moist and delish...  I took the photo with a pumpkin I had but opted to use canned pumpkin puree for the recipe... partly because I am lazy and partly because it tastes better in my opinion in baking...  if you are going to use up a pumpkin before it rots, I'd suggest... Continue Reading →

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