need any help?

the farmer got upset with his oldest son who is driving the grain cart for not helping combine drivers clean their headers out...  he was just telling him the other night how it is his job as a cart driver to get out and help them... so yesterday, my sixteen year old, trying to be... Continue Reading →

mom is worried

every harvest seems to bring with it a different challenge... this year it is having enough men to get the crop off... my oldest son is working full time for the first time this year... he is 16 and for sure big enough, but I am worried every day now... the farmer remarked to me... Continue Reading →

hanging up the apron

no one cares anymore...  these farmers?  nope... could care less about food... you know what they do care about?  me not getting in their way as they are driving out of a field... I get it... I see the way they toss the supper bags around like they are heaving sandbags preparing for a flood... Continue Reading →

seeding meal #1

I listen to a lot of podcasts...  it used to be audiobooks and then I'd tell people I read the book...  but now I've moved on to podcasts...  and let me tell you, it is taking an afternoon in the kitchen to a whole new level... at times it is a level of missed ingredients,... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #1

 the first meal to the field is always a little 'hairy'...  not sure when to cook things, when to pack them up...  when to cry because I'm overwhelmed... the first meal plan was: Hot Corned Beef Sandwiches Tammy's Buns Garlic Roasted Potatoes Fresh Corn Casserole Macaroni Salad Saskatoon Berry Crumble Cake the other wrinkle thrown... Continue Reading →

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