beet cake – take 2

Mondays are supposed to be my alone days... they are supposed to be a day that I get the housework and laundry done in silence...  a day where I can ponder the events of the weekend and decide all the ways I should become a better person... everyone should get to be alone on Mondays...... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #10

I'm in Calgary watching Food Network with two of my children in a hotel room... while the farmer is combining canola... and we aren't in Austin... yes, Austin... if you have been anywhere near me lately you have heard me complain... and then I complained on Facebook today just to really make sure I didn't... Continue Reading →

meal to the field #8

my farm is nestled between two towns, one with a population hovering around 200 and the other at around 300... the smaller town has the store and school... the larger town has the bank, rink and doctor's clinic... neither have a paved street but both have a post office and a bar... if you come... Continue Reading →


getting your hair done is odd... looking at yourself in a mirror for the better part of four hours can almost be seen as a form of torture... so I just stare at my hairdresser instead... and as she tends to my mane, I grace her with my witty stories, stemming back to my childhood but... Continue Reading →

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